29 May 2016

About me

My name is Antonio Saponara, and I am a developer and a freelance IT Consultant; I have been working in the IT market since 1989, and I develop client-server business IT solutions and hybrid mobile apps.

I’ve also attended the “Apple University” in Reggio Emilia where I’ve expanded my know-how regarding development and where I’ve acquired specific professional knowledge regarding DeskTop Publishing, Training and Sofware Management techniques.

I’ve seen the born of the commercial Internet; I can still remember services like Archie, Gopher, IRC and the first HTML implementations. Therefore I’ve followed the evolution of some languages like PHP, JavaScript, etc., which I use since that time.

In my project, I prefer using technologies like PHP and Zend Framework for the server side and Twitter Bootstrap Sencha ExtJS / Touch,  for the client side.

Now I can develop hybrid apps that can work on different platforms like Apple iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle. In fact, I am present in the respective app stores, selling some apps made by me.

Working as a freelance, I am in contact with a lot of other freelance in various markets like Graphic, Services, Telecommunications and so on… and I can work with them to satisfy special requests for the project.

For further information, please find me on  Linkedin View Antonio Saponara's LinkedIn profile

or on Twitter: @sapanto or Instagram: @sapanto.