my name is Antonio Saponara

I am an indipendent developer and IT Consultant since 1989
I develop web and mobile IT solutions.

My passions are programming, music, photography, travels and technology ;-)

I use the Internet since his born and I develop applications for the web, PCs, servers and mobile devices. Therefore I can work on your project as a developer, teacher, analyst, manager or anything else, depending on your needs.

My favourites technologies are PHP with Zend Framework, JQuery and Sencha ExtJS/Touch. I develop hybrid apps for the following platforms: iOS, Android and Amazon devices; in fact, there are some of my apps selling on the respective platform stores.

I have been an official Zend (yes Zend, The PHP company!!!) trainer and consultant since 2015 for a couple of years.

  • Web development

    Client-server web applications development.

  • App development

    iOS, Android ed Amazon apps development.

  • Training

    Programming languages training.

  • IT consulting

    I can help your project at any stage.

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